Fighting the Stoner Stigma

Assistant Studio Manager at Record Plant, Whitney Tabor, is fighting the stoner stigma with pure volume.

Sitting at Record Plant, with Assistant Studio Manager, Whitney Taber as she orders tikka masala from an Indian restaurant down the street. Her cozy studio office is filled with platinum and gold records from stars like  Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, French Montana, and more. It’s clear that this girl is a boss—her hard work shows. She utilizes cannabis in her daily life after realizing how helpful it can be for the creative process.

I honestly didn’t really start smoking til I starting working in the studio

Whitney didn’t start from the top. She grew up in a household full of brothers in Tacoma, Washington where her father is head of security for a maximum security prison. Not the ideal household to light up a smoke growing up. It wasn’t until recently, at a family barbeque, where her father first discovered her consumption of cannabis. Her brothers were heading out for a smoke and gave the oh-so-familiar signal for the deed. As they were leaving, one of her brother’s screamed, “Yo Whit! You wanna smoke?” Whitney could feel her father’s neck whiplash towards her with a look of shock. As an adult, she had to admit to her father about her relationship with smoking cannabis openly and directly.

“I don’t consider myself a stoner, people who really know me don’t even know that I smoke. And I think that’s the misconception people get anytime you say weed or marijuana.”

At the legendary Record Plant, Whitney sometimes goes into multiple recording sessions and walks through a cloud of smoke at any given time of day. “It helps create art,” she explains. It’s something ritualistic. Passing around a joint brings you into an artist’s intimate close circle. Aside from this, Whitney encourages engineers in the studio to have a “rooftop session.” To literally go to the studio’s roof, light up a joint and take a breather before going back into the studio grind. While we were there, an engineer had been sitting in the studio for the past 36 hours with an artist.

I come to work every day at 9,  I run one of the biggest recording studios in the country. And every once in a while you might catch me on the rooftop, taking a little smoke break with some of those artists, or management.

Whitney’s thoughts on this current issue come from her stance against Big Pharma and infrequent use of over-the-counter pills. She once tried Adderall as an option for energy boosting but ended up feeling the adverse effects like anxiety. Cannabis is a healthier option she believes but is frustrated by the fact that in the United States, it is still a Schedule I drug.

“You can be successful and also enjoy cannabis. It brings people together, and the creative aspect in insane.”

Whitney’s belief is that professional individuals can still live and have an extremely successful life and that cannabis use should not deter anyone from having or achieving this. As it can be seen with Whitney, Island cannabis helps the creativity flow at Record Plant and will continue to do so for years to come.

If you’re interested in connecting with Whitney, follow her Instagram @mstaber. If you have an incredible story to tell about how our products have improved your daily life, email a pitch to


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