Sara Weinshenk on Comedy and Cannabis

Sara Weinshenk, comedian and host of the podcast "Shenk," proves that you can combine comedy, fashion, and cannabis.

Comedian Sara Weinshenk rejects the notion that people who use cannabis spend their time on the couch rubbing potato chip grease on their pants. See how she finds her island when she’s on stage, and how she believes comedians can be great advocates for cannabis.

Watch Sara’s 420 Week Interview

Being on stage, I would say is the most present I truly am.”

When was the first time you realized you wanted to do comedy?
I was a weird kid, so I kind of had to get funny fast to survive. So, I used comedy as a way to fit in and a way to express myself. I didn’t have that many friends, so I would sit with the dudes and make jokes the whole time. Comedy definitely played a huge role in my life from the beginning.

How do you find your Island?
I truly feel the most happiest on stage. Definitely doing stand up.

What is it about being on stage that makes you happy?
Being on stage, I would say is the most present I truly am. The rest of my life I have anxiety or I’m thinking about the next thing, but, being on stage forces me to be in the moment. It brings me the most amount of pure joy that I really truly could ever have. It’s a natural energy exchange that you have with an audience member that you can’t have through a TV screen.

We have to take this idea that stoners just sit on the couch and rub potato chips on our pants out of our heads.”

Who were the people that inspired you in your formative years?
As a kid, I really looked up to Robin Williams. He was an amazing performer. He was so good at everything. But, I also took inspiration from people who were in different industries, like Betsy Johnson. In the nineties, she was a big deal. She was always wearing fun, bright colors and I was really drawn to that.

Why do you feel like comedy and cannabis go hand in hand?
Comedians are really good advocates for cannabis, because we deal with anxiety and depression and It’s gotten us through some really dark times. It helps open up our creativity and it really allows us to open up a silly filter. With life being so serious, cannabis allows us to have more fun.

What can people do to break the negative stigma of cannabis?
The more we see successful people consuming cannabis, the more it normalizes cannabis. We have to take this idea that stoners just sit on the couch and rub potato chips on our pants out of our heads.

What is your favorite Island product?
I love the Island minis. I love it because, it got me the perfect amount of high. It was really like an Island. It felt like a vacation.

Listen to Sara’s podcast “Shenk”


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