• 1. Testing

    All Island material is tested by an independent lab for potency, pesticides, molds and contaminants. Our network of craft growers produce the finest cannabis available, but we wouldn’t smoke anything that’s not 100% natural and safe so we don’t expect our customers would either. The only way to be absolutely certain is through comprehensive testing.

  • 2. Small Batch

    The cannabis business is a pretty hands-on business – literally. Growing high-quality cannabis requires lots of special attention and care. We believe that rolling it is the same way. We don’t take shortcuts. And that means truly handcrafting the product. From the moment raw material is purchased we continue to care for it with the same level of attention and detail the farmer put into it. That means hand manicuring it, breaking it down by hand, and rolling it in small batches for superior quality and flavor.

  • 3. Hemp/Tube Cone

    Our hemp tubes and cones are created from authentic, natural unrefined hemp for a light and smooth smoke. The RAW cones are organic and non-GMO.


    Pretty much everything we do is custom. From the way we source cannabis to our manufacturing process to our custom book-fold boxes which were designed to preserve and protect your medicine. It’s not completely airtight but it has a reasonably nice seal and is extra sturdy so it can handle small beverage spills at BBQs or defend itself against personal items and gear in purses, backpacks, camping bags and more…Plus, when you’re all done with the product, the box can be used to store a lighter and any other essential medicine that needs protection from the elements.


    All Islands are tobacco-free. It’s just a simple philosophy: why would you waste any space in your pre-roll with tobacco when you can have natural cannabis instead? And even if we wanted to add tobacco, we wouldn’t be able to. Sales of any tobacco or tobacco products are illegal in dispensaries.


    When you see a Reserve label on an Island product that’s simply a signal that we sourced some extra-special, extra-potent material to roll inside. We typically source for flavor, smell, freshness, medicinal-value and a whole host of other things…but potency is truly a different story.

  • 7. POTENCY

    We believe our product suite has a little something for everyone looking for a high-quality pre-roll. On the more casual, lower potency side we have our Premiums which typically test in the low teens. Our Mini’s and Originals typically test in the mid teens. And our Reserves almost always test above 20%. So pick which product type and/or medicine is best for you and enjoy!


    If for some reason you decided to cut open one of our products before smoking it, you’d discover that we hand process the material to transform flower (and in the case of Island Premiums, some sugar leaf as well) into micro nugs. These little tiny nuggets of flower allow us to roll a densely packed pre-roll so it smokes smoothly, burns more slowly and minimizes runs (or canoeing).


    Not all leaf is created equally. We agree that most “leaf” on the plant has better uses than smoke. But sugar leaf is where we take exception. We source top of the bud sugar leaf that lives right next to the flower and is therefore rich in oil and crystal. These leaves have great flavor and smell and, although are less potent, work really well when used in a pre-roll properly. We only use sugar leaf in our filtered Island Premiums and we do so because that’s how we get them to smoke perfectly in that product format.


    We support craft growers because we can and we want to. We put a lot of attention and care into our products and want to work with growers who do the same. We source locally for natural cannabis and when possible contract with growers to source consistently and reliably. But we’re always searching for the best product which means continually looking for new sources and sourcing seasonally. Which is why you’ll see our strain selection change on a seasonal basis too….Lastly, we currently source natural cannabis. But when we can we’ll source organic material as well. Unfortunately that certification just isn’t 100% verifiable for cannabis yet.


    Island products are only currently available in California and Nevada. But we’re expanding fast. So, if you’d like Island products in your state, please send us a note and let us know.


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