The Rise to Professional Skateboarding

Christian Sereika shares the story of how he overcame cigarette addiction with the help of weed, and went from ordinary Utah local to the World Cup Skateboarding Championship in Brazil, commercial sets in Hollywood, and everywhere in between.

Between growing up in Utah and spending summers in Southern California, Christian Sereika was always drawn to sports like snowboarding and skateboarding. At just five years old, he started entering local competitions in his hometown of West Point, just south of Salt Lake City. After winning several, it was clear he was born to skate.

“I grew up in Utah, so snowboarding was my life. I was kind of just a natural at skateboarding right away.”

One summer while visiting his father in Redondo Beach, California, Christian boldly walked into a skate shop called Soul Performance asking for a sponsorship. Though they asked to see him skate for them in person at a local skate park before signing him on, they were immediately impressed and decided to sponsor him that very same day. After that moment, Christian felt even more empowered and confident that he could become the professional skateboarder he’d always wanted to be.

From the World Cup Skateboarding Championship in Rio de Janeiro to starring in a United Health Care Commercial in Los Angeles, Christian has led an exciting, athletic, and power-packed life. He’s taught Lil Wayne how to skate, as well as traveled with the music artist to various sets and performances creating ramps with the OC Ramps team. He’s even done stunt work on commercial sets for United Healthcare, Vitamin Water, and more.

“My all-time favorite place to skate is Brazil. They have the best fans ever and it was the most amazing time of my life.”

Christian’s star-studded resumé speaks for itself, but what it doesn’t show is the moments in between when he had to overcome several injuries and challenges along the way. His hard-working nature has allowed him to push through these difficult times and achieve professional skateboarder status, which he attained three years ago.

Throughout the excitement, both positive and negative, Christian has turned to cannabis to relax, focus, spur creativity and ease anxiety. Though he smokes daily, he is able to accomplish so many incredible things like placing 10th overall as an amateur at the Mountain Dew Tour, and building ramps for the annual E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles. Surprisingly, he started smoking weed as a way to kick his cigarette habit.

“I wanted to stop smoking cigarettes so badly. So my buddy gave me an ounce of shake and I literally ground all of it up and rolled it into cigarettes. Every time I wanted to smoke, I’d have that instead.”

When he’d feel like he wanted a cigarette, he would roll a joint instead, and was able to wean himself off tobacco for good. He’s a fan of ISLAND pre-rolled joints since they take the effort out of rolling one himself, and they’re easy to keep on hand. We’re proud to be able to offer a product to someone so successful and driven, and look forward to seeing Christian’s accomplishments in the future!


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