Forge your own path

We produce safe and sustainable, artisanal products that promote health, happiness, and wellness.

Our Values

  • Embody the creative spirit
  • Always forge your own path
  • Strive for quality and consistency
  • Keep sustainability at the core
  • Push the envelope of innovation
  • Support our community and give back
  • Leave the world a better place

Our Commitment

Island is a for-benefit organization. Our commitment extends beyond providing cannabis that is both safe and effective. We actively support organizations focused on positive social change and have made it part of our mission to give back to our community.

To Good Friends and Great Adventures

Island Originals

Island life is about the journey, not the destination. Island Originals are the diverse community of innovators, athletes, artists, creators, explorers and adventurers who embody that spirit, walk-the-walk, and dance like no one’s watching. We cheers to good friends and great adventures, and so can you. Explore our Originals.


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