The Island Father’s Day Gift Guide

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all the kinds of dads that shaped us into who we are today with a more elevated experience.

This Father’s Day, we’re celebrating all the kinds of dads that shaped us into who we are today with a more elevated experience. Let’s be real: Dad probably dabbled in cannabis long, long before you ever did—but with a PAX ERA device (which you could purchase here), you can introduce Dad to the fully customizable and effortless pen-and-pod system that will allow him to find his island on his own terms. The PAX ERA is sleek and robust for the dads who love the newest tech gadgets, and intuitive and effortless for the dads who like the keep things simple. For gifting made easy, we’ve broken down the different types of dads, uncles, and father figures alike, and the best Island pods to accompany their new PAX ERA device below.

Lemon Wreck  – Find a dispensary
The stoke is high with the Rad Dad—shouldn’t he be, too? The Rad Dad is the kind of dad your friends (and anyone, really) always want to be around. He’s the dad who was able to out-skate, out-ski, and out-cool you and your buddies when you were young and reckless, and land every run with a confident, “still got it.” The Rad Dad’s still got it—because it never left—and the energizing and potent effects associated with Lemon Wreck would be perfect for him. A sativa known for it’s uplifting effect and sweet-and-sour taste, Lemon Wreck will enhance the Rad Dad’s already upbeat personality and get him ready to go for all the Father’s Day fun.

Blackberry OG – Find a dispensary
“No days off” is the Productive Pop’s motto. He’s the dad that strongly encourages you to read the manual for everything you buy and made sure you knew how to change a tire before you needed to learn the hard way. He’s the one who gets the grill fired up before the guests arrive, makes sure everyone’s taken care of, and always has what you need without having you ask for it. The only thing he’s missing—Blackberry OG, the key ingredient of potent, tangy vapor to help him take a step back, take some time off and just chill for a moment. After a day full of Father’s Day festivities, the earthy, berry sweetness of Blackberry OG can uplift and unwind dad for the much-deserved relaxation that’s been escaping him.

Mango Haze – Find a dispensary
The Dad Joke Dad is, well, you know the one. He hits you with the witty one-liners that stop you in your tracks, make you think for a second, and roll your eyes with laughter. He’s the dad who doesn’t take himself too seriously, and it shows in his goofy and always-happy demeanor. The joyful, unwinding effects associated with Mango Haze makes this PAX pod perfect for the dad with boundless positivity and humor. With just a few puffs from his new PAX ERA device, the creativity boost that can come with Mango Haze will give Dad all the fuel he needs to come up with the zingers he’s known for, and he’ll have you to thank for it.

Hashberry – Find a dispensary
You’ve definitely shared a toke or two with the Don’t-Tell-Mom Dad. When you were a kid, he tried to pull off a few stunts that may or may not have resulted in a minor injury—a bump on the head or scrape on the knee—and bribed you with a trip to get ice cream if you wouldn’t tell on him. You’ve shared a lot of fun adventures and a lot of funny stories, and the balance and bliss that can come with a few puffs of Hashberry would be the perfect recipe for basking in the nostalgia of all those good times. A fruity and uplifting hybrid full of blueberry flavor and aroma, Hashberry’s smooth and cerebral high can help dad mull over the memories and inspire you to create new ones together. (Maybe just don’t get in trouble, this time.)

Tangie Sap – Find a dispensary
The Proud Dad still has your childhood trophies that you thought were long-gone stored in a box in the basement somewhere. He’s your biggest fan, and could always be found shouting positive words of encouragement (maybe a little bit too loudly…) from the sidelines of your every game. He’s the dad whose heart swells with pride at the mention of your name and can’t wait to brag about your accomplishments to anyone who’s willing to listen. The citrusy sweetness of Tangie Sap would make it the Proud Dad’s go-to PAX ERA pod—the energetic and uplifting effects the strain is known for will have Dad chatting for hours, sharing more from his bank of endless advice that always seems to be delivered at just the right time.


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