The Island Mother’s Day Gift Guide

We put together a selection of gifts to bring happiness to every kind of mother – even those who have never tried cannabis.

In celebration of moms everywhere, we put together a collection of curated gifts for an uplifting Mother’s Day with your favorite person. Whether your mom is just curious about cannabis or knows how to roll a joint better than you do, look no further for a list of thoughtful gifts that’ll be sure to inspire moments of happiness.

Maybe your mom hasn’t tried cannabis before, but it’s never too late to get curious. This gift set is perfect for the mom who’s entry level in her cannabis consumption—nothing to be intimidated by, and easy and effortless to get started.

Hashberry Pax Pod – Find a dispensary
Our PAX pods are the purest expression of strain-specific, 100% natural and completely solvent-free distillate. Bursting with blueberry flavor, Hashberry is one of our hybrids that are perfectly configured to be used with a PAX ERA device for a smooth, uplifting high.

Pax Era Battery –
The PAX ERA battery is an effortless pen-and-pod vape system for oil. It allows you to customize the temperature, flavor, and potency, allowing for a fully predictable and controllable experience.

Erbanna’s Odorproof case –
Erbanna’s bags are discreet and stylish so mom can keep her stuff stored away in style. Mom will feel comfortable knowing her new odor-proof carrying case is keeping everything where it belongs.

The experiential mom has already dabbled in cannabis and is looking to broaden her horizons. She’s canna-curious. We get it, and we’re here for her.

CBD Jellyfish Premiums – Find a dispensary 
Our CBD Jellyfish Premiums are hand-crafted, 100% flower prerolls with biodegradable filters for a convenient, light, and relaxing experience.

Higher Etiquette: A Guide to the World of Cannabis, from Dispensaries to Dinner Parties –
In Higher Etiquette, author Emily Post celebrates the world of legalized cannabis and the culture among usage that comes with it. Mom will get an all-inclusive guide on social issues surrounding cannabis, including topics from how to bring it to a dinner party to how different strains can affect her.

Tetra Slide Lighter –
This compact, sleek lighter is rechargeable and fuel-free for an easy lighting experience. It’s available in a variety of colors, and all Mom needs to do is slide down to reveal the heated-coil mechanism and she’s ready to go.

The elevated mom knows her way around cannabis—maybe even more so than you do—so skip the flower bouquet and gift her the kind of flower she’ll appreciate most.

Island Flower – Find a dispensary
We package each freshly harvested batch of our artisanal, 100% natural flower into compact glass containers to maximize freshness, flavor and integrity. Mom does deserve the best, after all.

Stonedware Co. Pipe –
A terracotta-toned treat, this GeoPipe from Stonedware features a combination of glazed and unglazed faceted sides for a smooth consumption experience and a chic piece of home decor.

Flower Pot LA’s Ashtray –
These artisanal, concrete ashtrays from The Flower Pot LA are artistically designed with unique shape, color, and texture. They can also double as an incense bowl, if Mom is into that.

Wandering Bud Boomerang Break Up Tray –
Continuing the theme of cannabis gifts doubling as decor—Wandering Bud’s Boomerang Break Up Trays make for a stylish spot to Mom to break up her flower. It comes in a variety of colors with a built in spout on one corner for flower-pouring ease.


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