When a Childhood Hobby Becomes a Career

BMXer Trevor Sigloch shares how growing up riding skateboards, bikes, and snowboards shaped the rest of his life, connecting him with people who would become long-term partners and taking him to contests all over the world.

A California native, Trevor Sigloch grew up watching his father race motorcycles. With a brother who also rode bicycles, “Trevvy” (as he’s known to his friends) was exposed to sports like snowboarding and biking when he was very young. For as long as he can remember, he says he’s been “riding around on something,” but only for fun in the early days since everyone in his friend group rode bikes or motorcycles, as well.

“I started riding when I was 2 or 3, I just did everything but I started doing tricks in middle school. That’s when it got more serious. My first competition was around the end of middle school, there was a contest at a local skatepark we all went to.”

In high school, he realized that if he took biking seriously, he could potentially make it his career and after entering a local competition, he won first place. From there, he decided to become a counselor at a camp where children trained in action sports with professional athletes in state of the art facilities. This camp was called Camp Woodward. With kids training in sports such as gymnastics, snowboarding, skiing, parkour, and BMX, Trevor was responsible not only for looking after the campers but also building dirt ramps for athletes and campers who would be able to use them.

“They don’t do too many contests so much out here, the scene is kind of different now. Everyone just films…the contest style is more like ‘double back flip, triple bar spin…’ – it’s not fun. It’s more of a sport, but we just like to have fun.”

Shorty thereafter, Trevor caught the attention of a few people who run the legendary bike shop S&M, which produces their own equipment in Santa Ana. He also started partnering with ONSOMESHIT, another Southern California bicycle company. Today, Trevor still loves to ride either on bicycles or motorcycles and continues to partner with both of these companies. His BMX career has taken him around the world to places like Vancouver, Estonia for the BMX and skateboarding competition called Simple Session, and Barcelona, which is popularly known as the “mecca of skating.”

“I smoke every day, but it just kind of depends what I have going on…I normally like to smoke Indica. I’ll smoke whatever is around me. Especially if it’s at the end of the day, I’m down.”

Trevor enjoys smoking daily to unwind, or when he’s with his friends. For this reason, he prefers smoking Indica strains, as well as spliffs. We’re proud to partner with an athlete as talented and successful as Trevor, and enhance his career and daily life with ISLAND premium cannabis.


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