Getting Revenge His Way

Cast on Khloe Kardashian’s show Revenge Body, Dexter Holmen is down over 115 pounds thanks to cannabis and exercise.

For Dexter Holmen—joining Revenge Body was a way to take revenge against his father. Dexter played football in high school and college and was always pushed by his father to stay active. As a healthy man himself, Dexter’s father would sometimes pressure him into feeling bad about being overweight.

It wasn’t a bad or serious revenge—we have a very good relationship, but he has always been very athletic and hard on me about my weight. I had big NFL aspirations that didn’t really work out.

Dexter was able to lose about 50 pounds through the show’s training, and has lost 55 more since then. Now, his father reaches out to him for health advice because of Dexter’s achievements. All around the show has been a life-changing experience. Dexter now helps others take fitness as seriously as he did.

Dexter is currently becoming a certified trainer, and uses cannabis as a means for health when training his current clients from around the world. For inexperienced users, he recommends using cannabis to deal with pain management when toning newfound muscles. For more experienced users, sativa is a great way to get clients energized to workout.

For the beginning user or active user – I recommend cannabis especially for pain management for after they workout.

Personally, he smokes daily, but one of his favorite times to smoke is about 15 minutes before working out in order to gain more energy and push through the pain of working out. No particular strain consistently does this for him but does use cannabis for different reasons throughout the day. Sometimes he’ll be spending most of the day in the gym or go on a hike and enjoys a sativa. He, of course, does not ask any client to consume—but uses it as a suggestion and educates his clients in the best way possible based on their consumption habits and preferences.

I like to smoke about 15 minutes before my workout. It gives me a lot of clean energy and allows me to really getting my flow state and just focus on the present moment and really push my pain threshold.

Many former professional athletes are coming out in support of cannabis use in this same manner. Most recently, former NBA commissioner David Stern spoke about removing cannabis from the banned drug list for basketball players. Dexter is a part of this larger movement for the sacred plant making his mission to promote a healthier lifestyle for clients even more powerful.

Aside from wanting to make others healthier, he enjoys getting others to laugh and is a  creative himself. On his free time he writes skits, spoken-word poetry and stand-up comedy consistently. His love for comedy came from being frustrated with acting classes and felt he could control it moreso. It flows out of his body, as he puts it, and gains most of his inspiration from George Carlin and Jerry Seinfeld. He hopes to continue his passion for writing and pursue it as a professional career.

Since focusing on health and using Island Cannabis to power through workouts, Dexter has found himself in the best shape of his life. We love hearing stories about how people are using Island products as a natural way to energize.

If you’re interested in keeping up with Dexter, check out his instagram @DexterHolman or email him at for training inquiries. If you have an incredible story to tell about how our products have improved your daily life, email a pitch to


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