Infused Classics


Infused Classics

Island Infused Classics feature 100% natural flower and premium quality, full melt ice water hash for a potent and flavorful experience.


Citrus Wave, Evergreen Haze, OG Drift, Donut Shack, Fruit Cart, Pacific Dream


1.0 g / 0.035 oz


100% All Natural

Sourced in CA to ensure year-round freshness.

No Blends, No Trim, No Shake

Expertly cultivated and trimmed, no leftover blends.

Triple Tested

Always safe, never any impurities or toxins.

Biodegradable Cones

Thoughtful and sustainable materials.

Explore our many strains

Citrus Wave

Evergreen Haze

OG Drift

Donut Shack

Fruit Cart

Pacific Dream

Quality &

Always top quality and safety, using the Island Standard’s five-pillar grading.

01 Appearance

We look for the most beautiful buds, a sign that they’ve been well-cared for throughout the growing process. We make sure every bud has been properly manicured with trimming to ensure there’s no excess leaf or stem material in the flower. We also look for vibrant colors that are consistent in the entire batch and true to their lineage.

02 Aroma

We look for flower with expressive and delicious terpenes, which is what gives the smell you recognize. Its distinct scent is reliant on both its genetic and harvest environment, ensuring it was grown and correctly cured. The curing process can take up to three weeks after harvest –allowing for the flower to absorb all the delicious terpenes and essential oils.

03 Flavor

We ensure that each strain has the right terpenes, so you can taste great flavor every time you smoke. This means we only source top shelf flower that have been correctly prepared after cultivation. While minerals are essential to growth, if they’re not removed they make for a harsh and ashy smoking flavor.

04 Structure

We look at the flower’s more technical elements like good moisture content for easy smoking, high trichome production (known colloquially as “frostiness”) for potency, and consistent compact density. These factors help us understand how the strain was cultivated and harvested, ensuring it went through the best care possible.

05 Safety

Each product undergoes three rounds of testing, both by our facilities and third-party labs to make sure it’s pure and perfect before it gets to you. Our tests ensure there’s never any:

  • Heavy Metals
  • Insecticides
  • Pesticides
  • Fungus
  • Microbials
  • Mycotoxins
  • Residual solvents

Endless Harvest, Non-Stop Fun

We source all our cannabis from a network of California farms devoted to cultivation quality, sustainability, and safety. Working with multiple farms across the state ensures we always have the freshest supply. We call that Endless Harvest, inspired by the endless sun of California.

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