This International Women’s Day, we wanted to pay homage to some of the wonderful women in the weed biz that make it all possible: our budtenders, or best buds, if you will.

We had a fun conversation with Precious Walk, a budtender in Los Angeles with a packed schedule and a love of cannabis. Here’s her insight into the world of budtending:

Let’s get to know you:

My name is Precious Destiny Walk. I’m born and raised in South Central Los Ángeles. These days I’m working in West Hollywood sometimes as a budtender, some days a cosmetologist, even a security guard on occasion. LA keeps me a busy woman, LOL. When I’m not working I love to lift weights, do yoga and take hikes. If I’m not outdoors enjoying Mother Nature, I’m probably home re-watching Dexter, Jersey shore, the real housewives or my favorite horror movies. 


What’s your favorite part of your work day as a budtender?

My favorite part of my workday as a budtender is the rush hour. I really love these moments for two reasons.

One: this is when I meet and help the most people. It’s back to back cannabis connections with all types of new comers and connoisseurs alike. Excuse my language but, its pretty f***in’ awesome.

Two: The warm, wonderful feeling I get after each and every conversation. Afterward I feel proud because I have either learned from, taught or connected with someone from cannabis it rewarding to learn from and help one another.


How do you incorporate cannabis into your daily life?

Straight up, I incorporate cannabis into my daily life for fun and wellness. After some edibles or a good smoke session, depending on strains, I like to knock out a workout, style and color hair, or even kick back and binge on my shows. Other times I use tinctures and balms to help me sleep or relieve any of my sore muscles after long hours. It’s literally useful in my daily life in the most helpful ways.


How do you find your Island?

The way I find my island is by always staying present. What drives me is knowing that everyday is a new day for living, learning, loving, and smoking a joint...LOL. I find I am most in my element when I am living in every moment as passionately and fearlessly as I can. That’s a high that no strain can compare to. 


Lastly, of course we have to know — what’s your favorite Island strain?

One of my favorite strains hands down is Pacific Dream. This to me is the epitome of a perfect hybrid. It eases all the pains and bodily discomfort away with a graceful body high (god bless myrcene terps) along with a gentle cerebral head high to keep me focused and happy. Plus it tastes like a bowl of freakin’ blueberries. Yea please. 


So many thanks to Precious for hangin’ with us. Give her a follow on her on Instagram at @prettyfitpreciosa!


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