All work and no play makes Island a dull team.

When we recently set off on a harvest-related trip from San Francisco to Humboldt (more on that later), an adventure was born. Our plan: soak up everything that our beloved Golden State has to offer and pay respect to the place we feel lucky to call home. Here's how we found our Island while on the road.

Stock up on fresh goods.

To us, a successful road trip means classic tunes, good company, and plenty of supplies.

With the first two covered, we began our journey by placing a quick order on Eaze to stock up on some fresh Island flower. With each product signature-sealed to perfection, finding the right offering to accompany us on our adventure was a breeze. With Island Minis in tow, we rolled out to our next destination.

Over the bridge & to the woods.

There really isn't anything quite like the Golden Gate Bridge. After all, there's a reason it's one of the city's most famous landmarks and the most photographed bridges in the world.

Reigning supreme over San Francisco Bay for nearly a century, our coastal cruise beneath the Golden Gate’s iconic red pillars gave us picture-perfect views of the bustling sea & cityscape nestled below. A can’t-miss on any worthwhile trip up North, be sure to give yourself a moment to take in the breathtaking scenery at the Vista Point beyond the bridge (preferably with one of those fresh Minis.)

Golden Gate Bridge from Vista Point.
Become one with the trees.

After leaving the comfort of the coast behind us, our next pit stop took us to the first of several pinnacles of NorCal living: the Chandelier Drive-Thru Tree in Legget, tucked just off of Highway 101. Once we paid the small (and worthy) fee, this popular tourist destination offered us the one-of-a-kind opportunity to see redwood trees in a whole new light, driving through the hollowed-out trunk of this 400-year-old, 276-ft. behemoth.

Of course, capturing memories and basking in the glory of our natural world left us feeling famished--luckily, Peg House is only a short distance away and serves up some of the best oysters we've ever had.

Peg House's slogan is "Never Don't Stop at the Peg House". We second that.
Act like a tourist.

"Whether you grew up in sunny California or transplanted here along the way, playing tourist in the place you call home can offer a unique, often unforgettable perspective. In our case, this led us to the aptly named roadside attraction, Confusion Hill in Piercy. Here, we discovered the woozy wonder that is their "gravity house" (tip: leave the Minis in the car for this one.)

"Whether you grew up in sunny California or transplanted here along the way, playing tourist in the place you call home can offer a unique, often unforgettable perspective."

Of course, we couldn't visit the great outdoors without checking in on our favorite forested friend, the ever-elusive Legend of BigFoot. While the attraction itself was heavy on the kitschy fare and light on actual folkloring, we still got to catch up with the big guy, passing him a fresh one before heading on down the road.

Yep, we brought the field guide.
Soak in your surroundings.

There’s nothing more mystifying than taking a pause to embrace the awe-inspiring evergreen beauty that resides within Humboldt Redwoods State Park.

Before we hit our last stretch of the drive, we couldn’t help but pull off of the historic Avenue of the Giants to pay homage to the ancient relics looming above. If you’re the hiking type, give yourself a few extra hours to explore the endless trails within the park; this place truly embodies every type of good time.

Lots of fresh air, lots of fresh flower.

There’s no better feeling than settling in after a long few days of travel.

But we weren’t ready to say goodbye to our sense of adventure quite yet; instead, we checked ourselves in to Humboldt County’s lovingly restored Eagle House which provided just the right amount of charm, relaxation & nostalgia to cap off our journey. A landmark of Old Town Eureka, it’s hard not to fall in love with this hotel/restaurant hybrid dreamt up by two Finnish emigrants, Henry and Elvira Tornroth, in 1886. Truly, pioneering originals.

So, while our journey ends here, yours is just beginning: we hope you’ll find your Island wherever that means for you. Just don’t forget to live the spirit of California through and through.


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