Somewhere along the way, cannabis got complicated. Suddenly, you had to be an expert on strains and terpenes and the science of cultivation just to enjoy it. And honestly, we think that defeats the purpose of what cannabis is all about. Because good times should be simple, sunny, straightforward. Never serious.

Welcome to the new Island. A cannabis company grown in California with a Golden State of mind, made to inspire every kind of fun under the sun. We’re on a mission to make cannabis less complicated, more joyful, more natural and sustainable. Just as it should be.

Explore some of the ways we’re making good times more golden:

Our new packaging - inspiring every kind of California dream.
New look. Same California feeling.

Now it’s easier than ever to find your Island. Just look for our new logo, inspired by the sun-kissed waves and endless horizons of the Golden State. We’ve also updated our website to be less complicated and more inviting, with the ability to find and purchase our products across any of our retailers.

"Inspired by the sun-kissed waves and endless horizons of the Golden State"

Our new packaging minimizes plastic and maximizes freshness, from individually wrapped prerolls for both our Classics and Minis to freshly harvested Flower sealed in glass jars. Ensuring our 100% all-natural cannabis stays as beautiful and delicious as when it was packed, whenever you’re ready to enjoy it. And that good times are better for the environment, too.

Whatever form you choose, we’re here to inspire every kind of California dream. Discover our new product lineup and follow yours.

Our individually wrapped Minis prerolls in sealed, resuable trays minimizes plastic and maximizes freshness
Uptight standards, easygoing everything else.

If there’s one thing we’re serious about, it’s our commitment to quality and safety. That’s why every Island harvest is rigorously tested against our five-pillar grading system, guaranteeing it’s consistently clean, ethical, safe, and delicious.

And because we work with a network of local farms across the Golden State, we’re able to grow cannabis year-round. Giving you the freshest flower, no matter the season. Learn more about our Endless Harvest and sourcing standards.

Shining a light on what matters.

As a cannabis company, we believe that making the industry more equitable and sustainable is more than a social responsibility—it’s a moral obligation. We have a platform, and we’re going to use it every way we can to bring everyone under the sun.

Starting by partnering with organizations like Last Prisoner Project, a nonprofit dedicated to freeing nonviolent cannabis prisoners. And continuing with ongoing commitments and actions across our Island community, from actively engaging our employees to continually improving the sustainability of our products. Because words are not enough. See what positive change is on the horizon and how we’re leading the way.

Always fresh, never not summering. It’s a new day at Island, and we’re just getting started. Join us on our journey. And see where your California dream takes you.


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