California’s in and out of lockdown and we’re all itching for adventure. While we’ve been able to #FindOurIsland in the great indoors (or with socially distanced backyard hangs), we know nothing compares to hitting the open road and getting a healthy dose of nature.

Wanderlust is hittin’ hard, so we’ve compiled a list of the best places for you to plan a (safe!) summer road trip based on your favorite Island strain.

The strain that'll inspire you to take the scenice route.

Evergreen Haze: Sequoia National Park

If you love the woodsy flavor of our Evergreen Haze, you’re going to love the pine-scented air the Sequoias have to offer. This forest is home to the largest trees in the world, an abundance of day hikes, and views unlike any other. A pack of Evergreen Haze Minis would pair wonderfully with the towering trees and magnificent scenery available in the Sequoias.

Soak up the sunshine with Citrus Wave.

Citrus Wave: California Citrus State Historic Park

Citrus was once king in California, and this park in Riverside memorializes the citrus industry’s impact on the Golden State. With old-school-inspired landscaping and vintage architectural vibes, this park offers scenic views alongside tastings of California’s freshest citrus. (And it may pair quite well with the tangy sweetness of a Citrus Wave Mini, if we do say so ourselves.)

Bask in the rays with Pacific Dream.

Pacific Dream: Big Sur

A must-see on every Californian’s bucket list, Big Sur is the perfect place to pack along a box of Pacific Dream Minis. With grand, sweeping views of California’s cliffs and coastlines, the salty ocean air will surely complement the gentle, full-body high brought on by Pacific Dream. It’s a strain we like to say is “as easy as a cool, coastal breeze”—could it be any more perfect for the location?

Float away with the sweet and fruity flavors of fruit cart.

Fruit Cart: Venice Beach

Tourist trap or must-see pit stop? You decide. Venice Beach is one of the state’s most iconic strips of beach and boardwalk, known for its boho vibes and adventurous spirit. You’ll find people skating, surfing, enjoying good eats, shopping—and you’ll most definitely find L.A.’s fabulous fruit vendors offering the freshest fruit with a hint of chili, lime, and salt. The sweet, easy-to-enjoy flavors of Fruit Cart are perfect to complement any day on the beach for a sociable, midday high.

Go along for the ride with OG Drift.

OG Drift: Anywhere up (or down) the Pacific Coast Hwy

The PCH, aka California 1, is the most famous road in the Golden State, spanning over 656 miles with spectacular views along the way. It's one of the roads you think about when people say "enjoy the journey, not just the destination." You’ll pass some of the most iconic views California has to offer on this road alone—Malibu, the Muir Woods, Big Sur, Venice Beach, the Golden Gate Bridge, and more. Hit the road, pack a tin of OG Drift Minis, and enjoy the earth and fuel flavors of this indica once you’ve safely reached your desired destination.

The strain that'll inspire you to indulge your sweet tooth.

Donut Shack: Los Angeles

This would be more of a staycation for us, but we’re inclined to include it—Los Angeles is the donut capital of the country, which is what inspired us to give this dessert strain the name “Donut Shack” to begin with. The story goes: Ted Ngoy, a Cambodian immigrant, arrived in California in the 70’s and set up a sweet shop with a blueprint for other refugees to do the same. This is where the iconic light pink donut box was born, and why L.A. is home to so many sweet shops. Fast forward a few years and our dessert strain pays homage to the state’s donut empire with fragrant notes of delectable sugar and a heavy high. (If you’re not a city-goer, Los Angeles is home to many trails: check out Griffith Park and the ever iconic Hollywood Sign hike.)


Whether you plan to safely venture out and see the state’s offerings or light up some Island at home, we hope it’s a great way to #FindYourIsland.


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