Breaking Down the Stigma Around Cannabis Through Art

About 6 years ago, Meghan’s mother was diagnosed with a disease through which cannabis use helped her avoid opiate use. Meghan shares her story of how she’s using art in a variety of forms to help showcase the value of medical marijuana and how she plans on changing the narrative in society.

As an artist, television producer, and creative storyteller, Meghan Hall is committed to making a positive change in breaking down the stigma around cannabis use. About six years ago, her mother was diagnosed with a spinal disorder, drastically changing her life and her career. Determined to help her mother avoid opiate use or addiction, Meghan delved into researching the medical benefits of utilizing cannabis and CBD. Once she realized the impact medicinal marijuana could have on her mother’s life and others, she made it her mission to showcase the plant and those who grow it.

Meghan currently helps produce shows such as “Storage Wars” and “Ice Road Truckers” for the Discovery Channel, but she is also working on using television and other forms of entertainment to share her message and promote change. She is developing a Netflix documentary showcasing the intricacies of the cannabis world, as well as a competition show called Master Grower in which five cannabis growers compete for best strain.

“I want to honor our growers who give medicine to people. We need to appreciate them.I’m not a grower but my gift is the media and film – we have to break the stigma and this is my way of doing it.”

Aside from traditional media, Meghan is also becoming well-known in the street art world. She was recently discovered by Jeff Hamilton (the infamous creator of the puffy jackets worn by NBA athletes in the 90’s) at her first street art installation, where he noticed how beautifully she was able to combine art and cannabis. Megan continues to make her art a priority as an avenue in sharing her political stance on cannabis. She is even beginning to work with with Harper’s Bazaar and Moby Arts LA in creating more installations in the future. Because she isn’t a grower of cannabis herself, she feels responsible for sharing the stories of those who are through different forms of media and showing her gratitude for their contributions.

“I like to sit a nice sativa each morning before the gym to increase my focus & endurance, a hybrid smoke in the afternoon, and an Indica before bed.”

As her for favorite times to smoke, Meghan prefers to smoke a Sativa each morning before she hits the gym to increase her focus and endurance. She’ll also smoke before drawing on canvases, walls or clothing and will enjoy an Indica before bed to relax. If she’s traveling, which can be often at this point in her career, she’ll pack edibles, but otherwise she prefers smoking the flower in pre-rolled joints, like ISLAND premiums and minis.

“Cannabis ignites my imagination & inspires my artistic expression.”

What she loves most about smoking, especially her favorite strains like canatonic, strawberry cough or super sour diesel, is cannabis’s ability to ignite her creativity and inspire her artistic expression. ISLAND is proud to work with someone so committed to spreading the medicinal benefits of cannabis use, and using her artistic influence for positive political change.


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